Plant Threats to Pacific Ecosystems

PIER species listed by scientific name with growth habit = "sedge"

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This table lists all species profiled on PIER with the growth habit = "sedge".  An alphabetical index to all PIER species is also available. It includes those of environmental concern (including those that are probably of threat only to islands with high elevations) as well as agricultural and ruderal weeds.  Each species is linked by its scientific name to an individual write-up containing relevant information.

Species are listed in alphabetic order.  You can browse this list or use the "find" function on your web browser to search by scientific name.

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Scientific name (+Family) Often-used other Latin names Habit Present on
Pacific Islands?
Primarily a threat
at high elevations?
Actinoscirpus grossus   (Cyperaceae) Schoenoplectus grossus (L. f.) Palla; Scirpus grossus L. f. sedge No No
Carex longii   (Cyperaceae)   sedge Yes No
Carex muskingumensis   (Cyperaceae)   sedge No No
Cyperus compressus   (Cyperaceae)   sedge Yes No
Cyperus cyperinus   (Cyperaceae) Kyllinga cyperina Retz.; Mariscus cyperinus (Retz.) Vahl sedge Yes No
Cyperus cyperoides   (Cyperaceae) Kyllinga sumatrensis Retz.; Mariscus sumatrensis (Retz.) J. Raynal; Mariscus umbellatus Vahl; Scirpus cyperoides L. sedge Yes No
Cyperus difformis   (Cyperaceae)   sedge Yes No
Cyperus digitatus   (Cyperaceae)   sedge No No
Cyperus distans   (Cyperaceae)   sedge Yes No
Cyperus esculentus   (Cyperaceae)   sedge No No
Cyperus gracilis   (Cyperaceae)   sedge Yes No
Cyperus haspan   (Cyperaceae) Cyperus halpan L. [incorrect spelling] sedge Yes No
Cyperus involucratus   (Cyperaceae) Cyperus alternifolius L. subsp. flabelliformis Kük.; Cyperus flabelliformisRottb. sedge Yes No
Cyperus iria   (Cyperaceae)   sedge Yes No
Cyperus ligularis   (Cyperaceae) Mariscus ligularis (L.) Urb. sedge Yes No
Cyperus pilosus   (Cyperaceae)   sedge Yes No
Cyperus rotundus   (Cyperaceae) Chlorocyperus rotundus (L.) Palla; Cyperus tetrastachyos Desf. sedge Yes No
Cyperus sanguinolentus   (Cyperaceae) Pycreus sanguinolentus (Vahl) Nees sedge Yes No
Cyperus sphacelatus   (Cyperaceae)   sedge Yes No
Eleocharis acicularis   (Cyperaceae)   sedge Yes No
Eleocharis dulcis   (Cyperaceae) Andropogon dulcis Burm. f.; Eleocharis tuberosa (Roxb.) Schult.; Scirpus tuberosus Roxb. sedge Yes No
Eleocharis geniculata   (Cyperaceae)   sedge Yes No
Eleocharis radicans   (Cyperaceae) Eleocharis acicularis (L.) Roem. & Schult. var. radicans (Poir.) Britton; Eleogiton radicans A. Dietr.; Scirpus radicans Poir. sedge Yes No
Fimbristylis aestivalis   (Cyperaceae) Scirpus aestivalis Retz. sedge Yes No
Fimbristylis autumnalis   (Cyperaceae)   sedge Yes No
Fimbristylis littoralis   (Cyperaceae) Fimbristylis miliacea auct. sedge Yes No
Fimbristylis umbellaris   (Cyperaceae) Fimbristylis globulosa (Retz.) Kunth; Scirpus umbellaris Lam. sedge No No
Fuirena ciliaris   (Cyperaceae) Scirpus ciliaris L. sedge No No
Fuirena umbellata   (Cyperaceae)   sedge Yes No
Kyllinga brevifolia   (Cyperaceae) Cyperus brevifolius (Rottb.) Endl. ex Hassk. sedge Yes No
Kyllinga melanosperma   (Cyperaceae) Cyperus melanospermus (Nees) J. V. Suringar sedge Yes No
Kyllinga nemoralis   (Cyperaceae) Cyperus kyllingia Endl.; Kyllinga monocephala Rottb. sedge Yes No
Kyllinga polyphylla   (Cyperaceae) Cyperus aromaticus (Ridl.) Mattf. & Kük.; Kyllinga aromatica Ridley sedge Yes No
Scleria sumatrensis   (Cyperaceae)   sedge No No

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