Dissotis rotundifolia (Melastomataceae)

Map of estimated distribution on Hawaii (Big Island)

Hawaii, U.S.A.

[Dissotis rotundifolia on Hawaii (Big Island)]

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This map illustrates the estimated distribution of Dissotis rotundifolia (Melastomataceae) on the island of Hawaii (Big Island) (Hawaii, U.S.A.).

NOTE: This map is based on the best information available to us as of the publication date. We realize that it may not be complete; we rely on YOU to send us updated information! If you have additional information regarding the distribution of this taxon on this island (including areas that the species is PRESENT *or* THOUGHT TO BE ABSENT), please  obtain a blank map for this island, sketch the additional info on the map, and send it to: Hawaii Ecosystems at Risk, University of Hawaii, Dept. of Botany/CPSU, 3190 Maile Way, Honolulu, Hawaii 96822 (remember to label the map with the SPECIES you're providing information about, AND your name and contact information). Alternatively, you may fax information to (808) 973­2936, or send e­mail to webmaster@hear.org.

Any small, circular dots on this map represent observations with a resolution of less than 1/3 mile radius (our minimum mapping unit) and may represent a reported population as small as a single individual.

ArcView shapefiles and metadata--including information source and data collection & digitizing methods--are available from the Hawaii Ecosystems at Risk Project (contact information above). (It is planned that this information will eventually be posted to this site.)

Also, digital photos of this species (or slides, which we can convert and return to you) are solicited for publication on this site.

Again, please remember: this map is a part of a set of WORKING MAPS which will be UPDATED as we receive better information. They are NOT intended to represent "the definitive distribution maps" for any species or island. Rather, we hope that they will stimulate your input based on your own field observations!

Map and website prepared by the Hawaii Ecosystems at Risk Project. This page was last updated on 26 October 1998 by PT.

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