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About the HEAR Weed Risk Assessment page

The Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk project (HEAR) Weed Risk Assessment page was created in order to provide information and documents produced by the HEAR regarding weed risk assessment in Hawaii. The goal of this page is not to replace--rather to enhance the value of--other sites, such as Dr. Curt Daehler & Julie Denslow's website (see below).

Please note that the interpretation of information presented in these documents is that of HEAR, and not necessarily of that of the original publishers of the data or their sponsoring organizations.

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What (not) to plant

See HEAR's information regarding Alternatives to invasives for a species assessed by the Hawaii-Pacific Weed Risk Assessment system (HPWRA) which HEAR does not recommend to be planted because of their potential invasiveness, coupled with lists of species with similar landscaping uses which the HPWRA has predicted be non-invasive.

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Contact Info

You may contact the HEAR webmaster via e-mail at webmaster@hear.org.

Hawaii-Pacific Weed Risk Assessment System personnel can be contacted via e-mail at info@hpwra.org.

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What's New

 New!  Weed risk assessments for Florida for 260 species are now available online.

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