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Stock Maps - Landsat

A collection of stock landsat maps for Hawaii, including white background landsat, black background landsat, blue background landsat, and clear (transparent GIF) landsat for the entire state of Hawaii (USA), as well as the islands of Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe, Maui, and Hawaii.   The maps were created by Forest Starr and Kim Starr from free GIS data maintained by the Hawaii Statewide GIS Program.   (Note: It is wise to check with publication editors about resolution and format requirements before using these images).   Click on a map below to enlarge pre-made stock maps.   Or, download the original georeferenced landsat files.

Landsat White Landsat Black Landsat Blue Landsat Clear (GIF)
State state_landsat_white state_landsat_black state_landsat_blue state_landsat_clear
Niihau niihau_landsat_white niihau_landsat_black niihau_landsat_blue niihau_landsat_clear
Kauai kauai_landsat_white kauai_landsat_black kauai_landsat_blue kauai_landsat_clear
Oahu oahu_landsat_white oahu_landsat_black oahu_landsat_blue oahu_landsat_clear
Molokai molokai_landsat_white molokai_landsat_black molokai_landsat_blue molokai_landsat_clear
Lanai lanai_landsat_white lanai_landsat_black lanai_landsat_blue lanai_landsat_clear
Kahoolawe kahoolawe_landsat_white kahoolawe_landsat_black kahoolawe_landsat_blue kahoolawe_landsat_clear
Maui maui_landsat_white maui_landsat_black maui_landsat_blue maui_landsat_clear
Hawaii hawaii_landsat_white hawaii_landsat_black hawaii_landsat_blue hawaii_landsat_clear

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