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Wikstroemia ridleyi
Gamble, Thymelaeaceae
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Present on Pacific Islands?  no

Primarily a threat at high elevations?  no

Common name(s): [more details]

English: Malay poisons, gimlette

Habit:  shrub

Description:  "Shrub, little branched, 2 to 4 ft. tall.  Leaves membranous, lanceolate acute or acuminate; nerves very fine and inconspicuous, 2.85 to 5 in. long, 1 to 1.6 in. wide; petioles under .1 in. long.  Flowers in terminal umbels of 4 to 6 on very short peduncles.  Perianth yellow, .5 in. long, lobes oblong, blunt.  Drupe ellipsoid, .24 in. long, bright red"  (Ridley, 1925; p. 146).

Habitat/ecology:  In its native habitat in Malaysia, "sandy open country on the east coast chiefly, Pahang, Pekan, Tringganu, Pulau Ketam, Lankawi, Burau Bay" (Ridley, 1925; p. 146).

Propagation:  Seed

Native range:  Malaysia (Ridley, 1925; p. 146).


Pacific Rim
Country/Terr./St. &
Island group
Location Cited status &
Cited as invasive &
Cited as cultivated &
Cited as aboriginal introduction?
Reference &
Malaysia (country of) native
Ridley, Henry N. (1924) (p. 146)
Singapore (Republic of) introduced
Pallawatta, Nirmalie/Reaser, Jamie K./Gutierrez, Alixis T./eds. (2003) (p. 89)
Singapore (Republic of) introduced
Chong, Kwek Yan/Tan, Hugh T. W./Corlett, Richard T. (2009) (p. 90)

Comments:  "This plant, brought from Penang in 1890, ran wild for some time in Tanglin, Singapore. It is poisonous" (Ridley, 1925; p. 146).

Control:  If you know of control methods for Wikstroemia ridleyi, please let us know.

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