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Tetrazygia bicolor
(Mill.) Cogn., Melastomataceae
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Present on Pacific Islands?  yes

Primarily a threat at high elevations?  no

Risk assessment results:  High risk, score: 7 (Go to the risk assessment)

Common name(s): [more details]

English: Florida clover ash

Habit:  shrub/tree

Description:  "A shrub or small tree to about 6 m tall, with scaly bark, the young twigs scurfy.  Leaves opposite; petioles slender, scurfy, 2-4 cm long; blades lanceolate to oblong-lanceolate, 8-20 cm long, strongly 3-ribbed and with many widely spreading lateral veins, entire, acuminate at the apex, mostly obtuse at the base, green above, whitish-scurfy beneath.  Panicles peduncled, 1-2 dm long, several- to many-flowered; pedicels slender, 5-10 mm long.  Calyx limb subtruncate.  Petals 4, white, 7-8 mm long.  Berry subglobose, purple or black, 8-10 mm in diameter"  (Correll and Correll, 1982; p. 1082).

Habitat/ecology:  Moist and wet forests and open areas.   In Hawai‘i, "infrequently cultivated and now locally naturalized in mesic to wet forest and disturbed areas such as along trails and roadsides"  (Wagner et al., 1999; p. 913).

Propagation:  Seed, probably spread by birds.

Native range:  US (Florida), Cuba, Jamaica, Bahamas, Dominica.


Country/Terr./St. &
Island group
Location Cited status &
Cited as invasive &
Cited as cultivated &
Cited as aboriginal introduction?
Reference &
State of Hawaii
Hawaiian Islands
Hawai‘i (Big) Island introduced
Wagner, Warren L./Herbst, Derral R./Sohmer, S. H. (1999) (pp. 913-914)
Voucher cited: Baldwin s. n. (BISH)
State of Hawaii
Hawaiian Islands
O‘ahu Island introduced
Wester, Lyndon (1992) (p. 143)

Control:  "No work done but work on other melastomes may be transferable" (Motooka et al., 2003).

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