Plant Threats to Pacific Ecosystems

PIER species listed by scientific name with growth habit = "fern"

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This table lists all species profiled on PIER with the growth habit = "fern".  An alphabetical index to all PIER species is also available. It includes those of environmental concern (including those that are probably of threat only to islands with high elevations) as well as agricultural and ruderal weeds.  Each species is linked by its scientific name to an individual write-up containing relevant information.

Species are listed in alphabetic order.  You can browse this list or use the "find" function on your web browser to search by scientific name.

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Scientific name (+Family) Often-used other Latin names Habit Present on
Pacific Islands?
Primarily a threat
at high elevations?
Adiantum hispidulum   (Pteridaceae) (no species-level synonyms found) fern Yes No
Adiantum raddianum   (Pteridaceae) Adiantum cuneatum Langsd. & Fischer fern Yes No
Angiopteris evecta   (Marattiaceae) Polypodium evectum G. Forst. fern Yes No
Asparagus africanus   (Asparagaceae) Protasparagus africanus (Lam.) Oberm. fern Yes No
Blechnum appendiculatum   (Blechnaceae)   fern Yes No
Cyathea australis   (Cyatheaceae) Alsophila australis R. Br. fern Yes No
Cyathea cooperi   (Cyatheaceae) Sphaeropteris cooperi (Hook. ex F. Muell.) R. M.Tryon fern Yes No
Cyathea medullaris   (Cyatheaceae) Polypodium medullare G. Forst.; Sphaeropteris medullaris (G. Forst.) Bernh. fern Yes No
Diplazium esculentum   (Woodsiaceae)   fern Yes No
Equisetum ramosissimum subsp. debile   (Equisetaceae)   fern No No
Lygodium japonicum   (Lygodiaceae) Ophioglossum japonicum Thunb. fern Yes No
Lygodium microphyllum   (Lygodiaceae) Lygodium scandens auct.; Ugena microphylla Cav. fern Yes No
Lygodium palmatum   (Lygodiaceae) Gisopteris palmata Bernh. fern Yes No
Nephrolepis exaltata   (Nephrolepidaceae) Nephrolepis mollis Rosenst.; Nephrolepis punctulata (Poir.) C. Presl; Nephrolepis rufescens C. Presl ex Wawra; Polypodium exaltatum L.; Polypodium neprolepioides Christ; Polypodium punctulatum Poir.; Tectaria fraxinea Cav. fern Yes No
Oceaniopteris gibba   (Blechnaceae) Blechnum gibbum (Labill.) Mett.; Lomaria gibba Labill. fern Yes No
Pityrogramma calomelanos   (Pteridaceae) Acrostichum calomelanos L.; Gymnogramma calomelanos var. aureoflava Hook.; Gymnogramma ochracea C. Presl; Pityrogramma austroamericana Domin fern Yes No
Platycerium bifurcatum   (Polypodiaceae)   fern Yes No
Pteris cretica   (Pteridaceae)   fern Yes No
Pteris multifida   (Pteridaceae)   fern No No
Pteris vittata   (Pteridaceae)   fern Yes No
Pyrrosia piloselloides   (Polypodiaceae) Drymoglossum piloselloides (L.) C. Presl; Pteris piloselloides L. fern Yes No
Selaginella kraussiana   (Selaginellaceae) Lycopodium kraussianum Kunze fern Yes No

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