Plant Threats to Pacific Ecosystems

PIER species listed by scientific name with growth habit = "aquaticherb"

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This table lists all species profiled on PIER with the growth habit = "aquaticherb".  An alphabetical index to all PIER species is also available. It includes those of environmental concern (including those that are probably of threat only to islands with high elevations) as well as agricultural and ruderal weeds.  Each species is linked by its scientific name to an individual write-up containing relevant information.

Species are listed in alphabetic order.  You can browse this list or use the "find" function on your web browser to search by scientific name.

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Scientific name (+Family) Often-used other Latin names Habit Present on
Pacific Islands?
Primarily a threat
at high elevations?
Callitriche lechleri   (Plantaginaceae) Callitriche marginata var. lecheri Hegelm. aquatic herb Yes No
Ceratophyllum demersum   (Ceratophyllaceae)   aquatic herb Yes No
Egeria densa   (Hydrocharitaceae) Elodea densa (Planch.) Casp. aquatic herb Yes No
Eichhornia crassipes   (Pontederiaceae)   aquatic herb Yes No
Heteranthera reniformis   (Pontederiaceae)   aquatic herb Yes No
Hydrilla verticillata   (Hydrocharitaceae)   aquatic herb Yes No
Hydrolea zeylanica   (Hydroleaceae) Nama zeylanica L. aquatic herb No No
Hygrophila costata   (Acanthaceae) Hygrophila brasiliensis (Spreng.) Lindau; Hygrophila guianensis Nees.; Ruellia brasiliensis Spreng. aquatic herb No No
Hygrophila polysperma   (Acanthaceae)   aquatic herb No No
Ipomoea aquatica   (Convolvulaceae) Ipomoea reptans Poir. aquatic herb Yes No
Lagarosiphon major   (Hydrocharitaceae)   aquatic herb No No
Lemna spp.   (Araceae)   aquatic herb Yes No
Limnocharis flava   (Alismataceae) Alisma flavum L.; Limnocharis emarginata Humb. & Bonpl. aquatic herb No No
Ludwigia adscendens   (Onagraceae) Jussiaea adscendens L.; Jussiaea repens L. aquatic herb No No
Ludwigia sedoides   (Onagraceae)   aquatic herb Yes No
Mentha aquatica   (Lamiaceae) Mentha citrata Ehrh.; Mentha palustris Mill. aquatic herb Yes Yes
Monochoria hastata   (Pontederiaceae)   aquatic herb Yes No
Monochoria vaginalis   (Pontederiaceae) Pontederia vaginalis Burm. f. aquatic herb Yes No
Myriophyllum aquaticum   (Haloragaceae) Enydria aquatica Vell.; Myriophyllum brasiliense Cambess. aquatic herb Yes No
Myriophyllum spicatum   (Haloragaceae)   aquatic herb No No
Najas graminea   (Hydrocharitaceae)   aquatic herb Yes No
Najas guadalupensis   (Hydrocharitaceae) Caulinia guadalupensis Spreng. aquatic herb Yes No
Najas marina   (Hydrocharitaceae)   aquatic herb No No
Nelumbo nucifera   (Nelumbonaceae) Nelumbo speciosa Willd. aquatic herb Yes No
Neptunia oleracea   (Fabaceae) Neptunia natans auct.; Neptunia prostrata auct. aquatic herb Yes No
Neptunia plena   (Fabaceae) Mimosa plena L. aquatic herb No No
Nymphaea spp.   (Nymphaeaceae)   aquatic herb Yes No
Ottelia alismoides   (Hydrocharitaceae) Stratiotes alismoides L. aquatic herb No No
Ottelia ovalifolia   (Hydrocharitaceae) Damasonium ovalifolium R. Br. aquatic herb Yes No
Pistia stratiotes   (Araceae)   aquatic herb Yes No
Potamogeton crispus   (Potamogetonaceae)   aquatic herb Yes No
Rotala indica   (Lythraceae) Peplis indica Willd. aquatic herb No No
Rotala rotundifolia   (Lythraceae) Ammannia rotundifolia Buch.-Ham. ex Roxb. aquatic herb No No
Sagittaria latifolia   (Alismataceae)   aquatic herb Yes No
Sagittaria platyphylla   (Alismataceae) Sagittaria graminea var. platyphylla Michx.; Sagittaria mohrii J. G. Sm.; Sagittaria recurva Engelm. ex Patt.; Sagittaria weatherbiana Fernald aquatic herb Yes No
Solanum tampicense   (Solanaceae) Solanum houstonii Dunal aquatic herb No No
Spirodela polyrhiza   (Araceae)   aquatic herb Yes No
Stuckenia pectinata   (Potamogetonaceae) Potamogeton pectinatus L. aquatic herb Yes No
Typha latifolia   (Typhaceae)   aquatic herb Yes No
Vallisneria americana   (Hydrocharitaceae) Vallisneria gigantea Graebn. aquatic herb Yes No
Vallisneria spiralis   (Hydrocharitaceae)   aquatic herb Yes No

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