Certified Businesses
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The "Coqui-free" certification program was initially funded by the Hawaii Invasive Species Council. This funding allowed MISC to develop the standards for participation, conduct regular site inspections and interviews with participant business, and produce a variety of advertising products. The associated research will determine the level of interest businesses show in the program and the program’s impact on purchasing behaviors.

Before the program was implemented, surveys and interviews were conducted at a variety of businesses to determine practices related to coqui frogs, understand perspectives on invasive species issues, and get a sense of both plant related business and consumer practices on Maui. Surveys will be collected after the program launch to see if there have been any significant changes in responses and to determine if people are aware of the certification program.

All conversations, interviews and questionnaires collected are held in the strictest confidence and results will not be associated with any one business or person. Aggregate results are available in the online poster A Coqui-free Certification Program on the Island of MauiPDF icon


Maui Invasive Species Committee