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Marine zone map The Marine module contains five downloadable units about the area that surrounds Haleakala, from the shallow waters to the deeper waters offshore.

This ecosystem is characterized by regular innundation by salt water. Marine habitats include coral reefs of various types, sandy bottoms, areas where the reef drops steeply to great depths, and caves, caverns, and lava tubes. In traditional Hawaiian society, the ocean and marine life were as familiar as landforms and terrestrial life.

The Introduction and Units at a Glance PDF icon will give you an overview of this module and an idea of which unit or activity will work best for you.

Marine Unit PDF icon Entire Ecosystem Module (3.21 Mb)

Unit 1: Riding the Currents  PDF icon Entire Unit
Dispersal of marine life, oceanic currents in the Pacific Ocean, endemism.

Unit 2: Marine Relationships PDF icon Entire Unit
Marine species, adaptations, trophic levels and food webs, cultural significance of marine organisms.

Unit 3: On the Edge- Living in the Intertidal Zone PDF icon Entire Unit
Intertidal habitats, zonation, marine species, adaptations

Unit 4: Keeping an Eye on Coral Reefs  PDF icon Entire Unit
Coral reef ecology, coral reef study and monitoring techniques

Unit 5: Marine Management PDF icon Entire Unit
Science-based management, conservation, current issues in marine management

Additional online resources for enrichment activities and further reading. For more help finding and utilizing online web resources read web searching tips PDF icon for teachers.

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