Hoike O Haleakala

Maui Environmental Education Curriculum

The Hoike curriculum file is password protected because it contains teacher resources. Teachers can obtain the password for these resources by contacting miscpr@hawaii.edu.

The entire Hoike curriculum is available a a single download. This file is large (11 MB; approximate download time is 26 minutes for a 56 Kbps, 11 minutes 128K ISDN, or 1 minute for a T1 connection). Alternatively, visit the download page for each module to choose individual units and activities.

Download the entire Hoike O Haleakala curriculum PDF icon.

To find out more about Hoike o Haleakala, to schedule a school visit by a Hoike representative, for help downloading these documents, and/or to order a copy of this curriculum on paper or cd, contact hoike-info@lists.hawaii.edu.
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