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Coatal Zone map The coastal module contains five downloadable units about the area of low elevation at and near the seashore surrounding the whole of Haleakala.

The coastal ecosystem encompasses many different plant and animal communities, the composition of which are greatly influenced by proximity to the ocean. Coastal areas were the most densely populated lands in ancient Hawaiian times because they provided easy access to abundant food and medicinal plants, as well as ocean resources. They continue to be important in Hawaiian culture, providing lei material, medicinal plants, and access to intertidal areas where marine plants and animals such as limu and opihi are gathered.

The Introduction and Units at a Glance PDF icon will give you an overview of this module and an idea of which unit or activity will work best for you.

Additional online resources for enrichment activities and further reading

Coastal PDF icon Entire Ecosystem Module (~3Mb) (without teacher materials)

Unit 1: Beach Today, Gone Tomorrow? PDF icon (entire unit; without teacher materials)
Coastal geology and processes.

Unit 2: Coastal Connections PDF icon Entire Unit
Native and introduced plant and animal species, habitat zonation, origin and distribution of species

Unit 3: Anchialine Detectives PDF icon Entire Unit
Anchialine pond habitats, hypothesizing, tolerance to environmental extremes.

Unit 4: Fire Ants and the Future of Maui Wetlands  PDF icon Entire Unit
Pest ants and the threats they pose to native coastal ecosystems, invasive species prevention and management

Unit 5: Coastal Issues in the News PDF icon Entire Unit
Coastal issues, media coverage

Additional online resources for enrichment activities and further reading. For more help finding and utilizing online web resources read web searching tips PDF icon for teachers.

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