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Alpine/aeolian map The Alpine/aeolian module contains five downloadable units about the high-altitude region, found between 2300 and 3056 meters (7544 and 10,023 feet) on Haleakala. Early Hawaiians identified twelve life zones that stretched from makai to mauka. At the top of Haleakala are two zones where the natural communities are still largely intact- the kuahiwi (backbone) and kuamauna (back mountain). These zones comprise what we know as the alpine/aeolian ecosystem.

The Introduction and Units at a Glance PDF icon will give you an overview of this module and an idea of which unit or activity will work best for you.

Additional online resources for enrichment activities and further reading

Alpine/Aeolian PDF icon Entire Ecosystem Module (3.78 Mb)

Introduction and Units at a Glance PDF icon Alpine/Aeolian Introduction and Unit Overview

Unit 1: Learning From the Mountain PDF icon Entire Unit
Geology of the summit area and how people study it.

Unit 2: Summer Every Day and Winter Every Night PDF icon Entire Unit
Climate of the summit area

Unit 3: Life in the Kuahiwi and Kuamauna Zones PDF icon Entire Unit
Native and introduced species, relationships, and adaptations.

Unit 4: Good Critters, Bad Critters  PDF icon Entire Unit
Insect management in the alpine/aeolian ecosystem

Unit 5: Observatories, Transmitters, & Sacred Places PDF icon Entire Unit
A contemporary issue revolving around the significance and use of the summit area

Hoike O Haleakala Main Introduction PDF icon Introduction to the whole Hoike O Halelakala Curricula
Hoike O Haleakala Glossary PDF icon Glossary for terms found in the Hoike O Halelakala Curricula

Additional online resources for enrichment activities and further reading. For more help finding and utilizing online web resources read web searching tips PDF icon for teachers.

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