Aloha! Welcome to the Hawaii Conservation Biology Field Station ( "TNC house")


CHECKING IN: If you have not already provided this information, please supply the name, address, phone number, and Social Security number of each member of your party to HCBFS house manager. Prepayment is requested for your stay; at the very least, prearrangement for payment is required. (Please see the HCBFS house manager for details.) Published rental rates are subject to change without notice (rates are fixed by the National Park Service). Rental is currently $10.00/night (01 August 2004). This rate is NOT GUARANTEED, even if you have a confirmed & prepaid reservation. Due to National Park Service policy, this rate may be adjusted based on the rate at actual time of occupancy; you will be responsible for payment of adjustments due to any rate increases during your actual stay.

BEDROOM: Your bedroom is located down the hall and is the:

      [ ] last room on the left
      [ ] first room on the right

Bedroom assignments are NOT guaranteed for the duration of your stay. In order to accommodate special needs, you may be asked to switch rooms in mid-stay. If you have special needs, please let me know. Your cooperation in this matter will be very much appreciated.

Please note that linens are NOT PROVIDED. You are adivised to bring a sleeping bag, as it gets cold at night even in the summer.

COURTESY: The HCBFS has a hostel-like atmosphere. It is a shared living facility, therefore please be considerate of your housemates. Common courtesy should prevail; here are a few specifics:

KITCHEN: Help yourself to kitchen facilities (including cookware & dishes), refrigerator space in the refrigerator in the carpeted area, and any available shelf space in the kitchen. Please MARK all your food items with your name & date (so there’s no confusion), and take ALL YOUR ITEMS (food and otherwise) with you when you leave (unless you specifically make arrangements with someone else in the house to assume ownership/responsibility after you leave). Please BRING YOUR OWN DISHWASHING DETERGENT.

Water in the HCBFS is potable (and quite good, too!). It’s treated catchment from within the Park.

Please sort kitchen trash for recycling. The recycling options are: glass, aluminum, and steel cans. NON-FIBROUS organics can be eliminated in the dispose-all in the right-hand sink. (DO NOT attempt to use dispose-all for pineapple skins, large onion skins, banana peels, artichokes [don’t ask how I know that!], etc. IF IN DOUBT, THROW IT OUT (i.e. don’t risk it!) Also, please get PAPER bags when shopping for re-use.

The stove and oven are self-lighting gas. Please ALWAYS use the fan when cooking to avoid inadvertent setting off of the...

SMOKE DETECTOR: The smoke detector is VERY LOUD, but very effective. Please DO NOT under any circumstances attempt to disconnect it! If it goes off accidentally (e.g. because of cooking), open the doors & windows, turn the fans on (stove & bathrooms), fan the detector with a towel, etc., until it’s quiet. IN CASE OF FIRE OR OTHER EMERGENCY, CALL 9-911.

BATHROOMS: There are two bathrooms. Toilet paper is not provided, so please bring some for your stay. In consideration of others who must use the common bathroom facilities, please CLEAN UP after yourself (e.g. wipe the sink), and store your toiletries and towels in your room. You may use a vacant shelf in the mirrored cabinets for small items.

The shower is operated by first turning on the water, then pulling down on the faucet (this will make sense when you see it). (This is how I know whether you actually read this sheet, too! Almost 100% of first-time visitors have to ask about this!)

LAUNDRY: Help yourself to use of the laundry facilities (in covered area outside the house; bring your own laundry detergent). Please DO keep the laundry area clean (dispose of trash, clean up)! Be sure to empty the LINT COLLECTOR in the dryer, too!

HEAT: The thermostat for the heater is located in the hall.

PHONE, VOICE MAIL, FAXES, E-MAIL: Your phone number here is (808) 572-4418. Currently, you cannot receive incoming calls at this number. However, incoming messages are recorded on the voice mail system.

To use the phone: Dial ‘9’ to get an outside line. Long-distance calls and directory assistance calls must be charged to your calling card. 4-digit in-Park extensions can be dialed directly.

To use voice mail: The phone system here has a voice mail feature. If no one answers after 4 rings (or if the phone is in use), messages will automatically be taken by the system. If you hear a pulsing tone instead of a dial tone when you first pick up the phone, that means there is at least one new voice mail message. (Unfortunately, you MUST pick up the phone to tell if any voice mail messages have arrived; there’s no other notification [like a ring] to let you know.) To receive voice mail messages, dial ‘7000’, then at the prompt press ‘#’, then the password (ask me about this upon your arrival (plus ‘#’). ‘2’ plays the message, ‘6’ goes to the next message; ‘*’ at any time goes to the ‘help’ system. To delete a message, immediately after listening to it, dial ‘76’. Please DO delete your messages after you hear them; please DO NOT DELETE ANYONE ELSE’S MESSAGES, even if you have made a note of it somewhere! (Messages can be checked remotely from another phone; sometimes people count on this feature to be available!) In case you accidentally delete a message, BEFORE HANGING UP, listen to the deleted message again and press ‘76’ to UNDELETE it. Finally, please ALWAYS press ‘83’ when you’re finished listening to your messages before hanging up to ‘log out’ of the system.

The fax numbers here are (808) 572-1304 (Park headquarters) and (808) 572-4498 (Resources Management). These are Park machines and should NOT be used excessively for incoming faxes (they're generally for Park use only).

If you will have critical or frequent need for access to e-mail/internet, you MUST arrange to bring your own computer & modem. You may, however, arrange for OCCASIONAL AFTER-HOURS access to e-mail on the research office computers. (During the day, the research office is crowded and often hectic; we try to discourage "extra bodies".) You may NOT use the HCBFS phone line for e-mail or internet access.

MAINTENANCE: Report all maintenance issues (water problems, broken items, light bulbs out, etc.) to me (via e-mail: If there is an urgent need, call Sherrie Wong in Maintenance at 4429.

DEPARTURE: Please ensure that final payment arrangements have been settled, and that all check-in information has been left with the house manager (see CHECK-IN section). Storage is NOT available here (due to lack of space, and accountability for your belongings); please DO NOT leave anything here, even if you’ll be back soon! MAID SERVICE IS NOT PROVIDED! PLEASE PLAN TO SPEND SOME TIME PRIOR TO YOUR DEPARTURE TO ENSURE THAT YOUR ROOM AND COMMON AREAS ARE CLEAN (including floors, beds, countertops, stove, bathrooms, TOILETS). Also, please DO remember to LEAVE YOUR KEY on the kitchen table (or give it to me) before you leave!

NITES/WEEKENDS: If I’m not here and you need to reach me, I can usually be contacted at (808) 735-8975(Oahu/long distance). If I’m not there, please leave a message for me explaining the situation. But please DO call if there’s anything of which I need to be aware.

A NOTE ABOUT THESE HCBFS LIVING GUIDELINES: Certainly many of these guidelines will seem so obviously part of common courtesy that you might wonder why they are listed. The reason is almost certainly that at least one incident has occurred in which someone has ignored the well-being of others regarding that issue. Therefore, these aspects of common courtesy in a group living situation have been highlighted to forestall future problems.

OTHER: Please don't count on "setting up office" in the HCBFS. Space is very limited, especially when the house if full. If you have any equipment of any type which will not fit in a couple of dresser drawers, under a bunk bed, or in a shared closet, we need to discuss storage space for any such items before you arrive. If you have any special needs (e.g. desk space, lab equipment setup, specimen storage), please do not hesitate to ask. We’ll try to work something out; but there are no guarantees, and please do address these issues prior to arrival to ensure that these issues do not arise unexpectedly.

If you have made arrangements well in advance to stay here (and have received a written confirmation of your reservation), you can rest assured that your reservation is, indeed confirmed. However, in order to ensure that all logistics are in order for your arrival, it is strongly suggested that you re-contact the house manager within the week prior to your occupancy to confirm your arrival time, etc.

Have a happy stay!

-Paul Krushelnycky,
  HCBFS house manager

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