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Home and garden online Magazine: September: Week 39 Pest Plants SEVERAL years ago I asked readers of the Los Angeles Times to send me the names of garden plants that grew out of control. The subject came up because several things I had planted were suddenly trying to take over the place. We're not talking about weeds here, but things planted on purpose that soon begin behaving like weeds--invasively spreading underground or everywhere sprouting from seeds. Here, then, is a list of menace plants suggested by The Times readers. Each was mentioned in at least several letters, so it is not just one person's condemnation. Though I would be suspect of any plant in this list, it is important to realize that not all people feel the same about these plants.

The Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk (HEAR) project is currently funded by the Pacific Basin Information Node (PBIN) of the National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII) through PIERC (USGS) with support from HCSU (UH-Hilo). More details are available online. Pacific Basin Information Node (PBIN)National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII)

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