Galapagos Invasive Species:
Noxious weeds invasion

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Grasses are taking over the park: Grass invasions

measuring grass abundance As a group, grasses are among the most serious invaders, and many of the species introduced to Galapagos for pasture and lawns, are already invading the National Park, or probably will in the future. Grasses dominate well-managed farms in the agricultural zone of Santa Cruz island.

Simon Laegaard As a result, grasses receive special research attention. In early 2003, grass taxonomist Simon Lægaard (left) checked all of the Charles Darwin Research Station Herbarium grass and sedge collections, and found more than 10 new introduced species for Galapagos, which had previously been overlooked or misidentified. During field visits, he also found another 10 new species for the islands, most of them probably recently introduced.

Currently, research student Ana Lucía Dávalos of the Research Station is investigating patterns of introduction of grasses and their spread from the agricultural zone into the Galapagos National Park.

Source: Charles Darwin Foundation.

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