Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk project (HEAR) The Giant African Snail:
A Problem in Economic Malacology

Albert R. Mead

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The Giant African Snail (cover)

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I. Introduction Adobe Acrobat PDF icon (p. 1)

II. Dispersal of the Giant African Snail Adobe Acrobat PDF icon (p. 4)

III. Factors Favoring Dispersal and Survival Adobe Acrobat PDF icon (p. 17)

IV. Economic Status Adobe Acrobat PDF icon (p. 36)

V. Chemical Control Adobe Acrobat PDF icon (p. 61)

VI. Control through Mechanical Devices Adobe Acrobat PDF icon (p. 92)

VII. Biological Control Adobe Acrobat PDF icon (p. 102)

VIII. Control through Human Use Adobe Acrobat PDF icon (p. 146)

IX. Control through Legislative Action Adobe Acrobat PDF icon (p. 172)

X. Population Decline Adobe Acrobat PDF icon (p. 180)

XI. Outlook Adobe Acrobat PDF icon (p. 195)

Bibliography  Adobe Acrobat PDF icon (p. 205)

Index  Adobe Acrobat PDF icon (p. 247)

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