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Information and references regarding Sipha flava as a biocontrol target in Hawaii are provided here. For further information, contact webmaster@hear.org.

Biocontrol agent: Lysiphlebus ambiguus
Status in Hawaii: The aphidiid wasp Lysiphlebus ambiguus was collected in Spain and France in 1990 as a potential biological control agent for the aphid Sipha flava. After completion of host specificity tests, the parasitoid was approved for release in Hawaii in 1991. The first release of L. ambiguus was in North Kona (Big Island), followed by releases on Maui, Oahu, and Kauai. Insectary propagation ceased after 1995. Despite the release of large numbers of L. ambiguus throughout the state, very few parasitized aphids have been found in the field, and the wasp's establishment is still in doubt.

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