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Information and references regarding Morella faya as a biocontrol target in Hawaii are provided here. For further information, contact webmaster@hear.org.

Biocontrol agent: Caloptilia nr. schinella
Status in Hawaii: "Caloptilia nr. schinella (Lepidoptera, Gracillaridae) from the Azores and Madeira was released in Hawaii in 1991. It is established but has had no demonstrable effect. It is possible that leaf miner parasitoids are attacking this moth...."

Biocontrol agent: Eucosma smithiana
Status in Hawaii: Eucosma smithiana (Lepidoptera, Tortricidaae) was released in Hawaii in 1956. It is established on Morella cerifera but not Morella faya."* (Note: Morella was formerly known as Myrica.)

Biocontrol agent: Phyllonorycter myricae
Status in Hawaii: In 2000, Phyllonorycter myricae (Lepidoptera, Gracillaridae) was held in quarantine from Madeira as a potential biological control agent for Morella faya. The colony was considerably inbred and it was not possible to replenish the stock. Establishment of this microlepidopteran likely would be jeopardized by parasitoids already established in Hawaii, and there was little evidence that this agent would have a significant impact on its target.

Biocontrol agent: Septoria hodgesii
Status in Hawaii: Septoria hodgesii, a potential biological control agent for Morella faya, from Morella cerifera in North Carolina was released at Volcano, Hawaii Island in 1998, but with no noticeable impact by 2000. It has been suggested that acid rain around the Volcano area inhibits spore germination, and that the fungus may be more successful if tested elsewhere.

Biocontrol agent: Septoria sp.
Status in Hawaii: (no status currently available; inquire)

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