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Haleakala silversword
Loope, Lloyd L. and Arthur C. Medeiros. (1995)

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Loope, Lloyd L. and Arthur C. Medeiros. 1995. Haleakala silversword. in LaRoe, E.T., G.S. Farris, C.E. Puckett, P.D. Doran, and M.M. Mac, eds. 1995. Our living resources: a report to the nation on the distribution, abundancy, and health of U.S. plants, animals, and ecosystems. U.S. Department of the Interioir, National Biological Service, Washington, DC. pp. 363-364.

"The Haleakala silversword (Argyroxiphium sandwicense ssp. macrocephalum) was near extinction in the 1920's because of human vandalism and browsing by goats and cattle. The plant has increased under protection and deserves attention as the most dramatic conservation success story of the Hawaiian Islands."

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