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The HEAR bibliography is an effort by the Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk project (HEAR) to facilitate data discovery by providing easy access to important and/or obscure literature citations about invasive (or potentially invasive) species (and related topics) in Hawaii and the Pacific Islands. The initial focus is on adding particularly important references, as well as those that have the full text of the article, an abstract, and/or a table of contents available online. In some cases, this information is posted on the HEAR website; in other cases, links are provided to external sites.

The information that is currently posted is not complete; HEAR has more citations that have been posted, but we're still in the process of culling duplicates, checking spelling, etc. Additionally, there's a backlog of additional references that we plan to post but haven't yet entered into the database. If you're interested in obtaining this information in its "raw" form (basically, a collection of unsorted PDF files), let us know and we may be able to send you a CD including the not-yet-added resources.

It is planned that this information will be available online by subject, by species references, etc. as time allows. New formats will be announced as they are available on this page (

Also, please feel free to send suggestions of citations that you think should be added to the HEAR bibliography. Please include URLs of online full text, abstracts, or tables of contents and/or send the original information via e-mail attachment.

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