Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk project (HEAR) The Alien Pest Species Invasion in Hawaii: Background Study and Recommendations for Interagency Planning
(July 1992)

Presented here is an online version of the report:

The Alien Pest Species Invasion in Hawaii: Background Study and Recommendations for Interagency Planning PDF icon (July 1992)
This report, jointly prepared by Susan Miller of the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Alan Holt of The Nature Conservancy of Hawaii (TNCH), is still (2003) widely considered to be the best document of its kind about interagency planning regarding the alien pest species invasion in Hawaii.

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The PDF version of this document was created (via scanning and OCR) and initially published online on 22 July 2003* by the Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk project (HEAR). This report is accessible online via links from http://www.hear.org/articles/nrdctnch1992.htm (the page you're reading now). (*NOTE: The 22 July 2003 version of the PDF file is a “draft” online version including all text and relevant graphics, published now in order that the document is available for online use as soon as possible. Certain stylistic issues have yet to be addressed [e.g., superscripts; various fonts for chapter headings; italics for species names; and page numbers in the table of contents]. We are planning to add these enhancements to a future online version.) Corrections/suggestions for enhancements to the online document are solicted; please send details to webmaster@hear.org.
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