Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk project (HEAR) Mechanisms of Invasion by Miconia calvescens in French Polynesia (in French)
(Jean-Yves Meyer, 1994)

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Mecanismes d'Invasion de Miconia calvescens en Polynesie Française (Mechanisms of Invasion by Miconia calvescens in French Polynesia) is the 1994 doctoral thesis by Jean-Yves Meyer of the University of Montpellier II. The dissertation is in French, with an English summary (page 345).

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The appendices include the following manuscripts in English, based on the dissertation:

Miconia calvescens is the major invasive plant in the high islands of French Polynesia. This study reviews the history and the extent of miconia's invasion in the Society Archipelago. The plant's reproductive system (facultative self-fertilisation, independence from pollinators, prolific reproduction with three seasons of flowering and fruiting per year), dispersal abilities (especially by man and introduced frugivores), and regeneration strategies (longevity of soil seed bank, germination in low light, recruitment and growth of seedlings in the shade of the understory) are analyzed to explain the success of miconia's invasion.

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