Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk project (HEAR) Lanai bird survey 1975-1976
by L.T. Hirai

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The illustrated full text of the unpublished document Lanai bird survey 1975-1976 (Hirai) View info about Adobe Acrobat PDF format is now available online. This document is a field survey of the island birds and small mammals of the island of Lanai (Hawaii) conducted from August 1975 through the first weeks of November 1976 to provide baseline information for the assessment of possible environmental affects caused by the United States Department of Agriculture Hawaiian Fruit Flies Laboratory Lanai eradication program.


Hirai, L.T. 1976. Lanai bird survey 1975-1976. Unpublished manuscript from the files of the Maui Baseyard of the Division of Forestry and Wildlife [DOFAW]/Department of Land and Natural Resources [DLNR]/State of Hawaii.

We are grateful to Hawaii DLNR/DOFAW wildlife biologist Dr. Fern Duvall for scanning this document and providing it to us for online dissemination.

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