Little fire ant (Wasmannia auropunctata) locations in Hawaii

Maps of known locations of little fire ants (Wasmannia auropunctata) in Hawaii are now available online.
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To report new locations of little fire ants anywhere in Hawaii, contact Bernarr Kumashiro (insect systematist, Hawaii Dept. of Agriculture), 1428 S. King St., Honolulu, HI 96814, ph. (808) 973-9534, e-mail:

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For information about other pest ants in Hawaii (especially those that threaten Hawaii's native fauna and flora), see the Pest ants in Hawaii web page (posted by the Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk project (HEAR)). HEAR also provides online information about other alien ant and invertebrate species at its "Information Index for Selected Alien Invertebrates in Hawaii" page.

If you need more information about these ants, have specific questions about them (or other alien animal pests in Hawaii), contact Ellen Van Gelder, c/o USGS/BRD (Research), P.O. Box 369, Makawao (Maui), Hawaii 96768 USA; phone: 808-572-4472, e-mail:

Hawaii (Big Island)

little fire ants on Big Island (map)

The above map is a hyperlink (click on it!) to a larger, onscreen-viewable version of that map. If you need a printable version, you'll probably want to get the higher resolution (but larger) PDF version PDF icon


[No maps are yet available for little fire ant locations on this island.]

NOTE: "Wasmannia recently found on Kauai at one locality but may already be eradicated (they probably got it quickly)" -F. Kraus, 05Nov1999, pers. comm. to PT; "Wasmania was located and, hopefully, eradicated on Kauai. Contact is Guy Nagai with HDOA, Kauai." - D. Nelson, 08Nov1999, pers. comm to PT.

Other Hawaiian islands

Little fire ants are not known to occur on Hawaiian islands other than those listed here (as of November 1999). It is very important to report new observations of ants on these islands, so appropriate measures can be taken to stop their spread while there's still time!!

If you have any questions about these maps, little fire ants in Hawaii, or other issues regarding harmful alien species in Hawaii, please e-mail

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