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Sacciolepis interrupta
(Willd.) Stapf, Poaceae
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Present on Pacific Islands?  no

Primarily a threat at high elevations?  no

Common name(s): [more details]

Chinese: jian xu nang ying cao

Habit:  grass

Description:  "Erect, perennial grass 50-100 cm tall, growing in shallow swamps or creeping and floating in deep water. Stems hollow, with spongy-swollen purplish rhizomes. Leaf sheaths swollen, 5-6 cm long; hairless, striate and yellow or purple; ligule 1.5-3 mm long, finely hairy behind; leaf blade flat, linear, 13-40 cm x 7-20 mm, blue-green and glabrous. Inflorescence an erect, slender pseudo-spike, 10-40 cm long, with short branches. Spikelets 1-flowered, 3.25-3.75 mm long, two or more together on pedicels 1-4 mm long. Old spikelets falling early giving an interrupted appearance. Caryopsis elliptic, compressed, 2 mm long. Can be confused with Hymenachne acutigluma from which it can be distinguished by its hollow stem, short inflorescence and long upper glume. The two species often occur together" (Waterhouse and Mitchell, 1998; pp. 81-82).

Description from GrassBase.

Habitat/ecology:  In China (native), "swamps, shallow water, rice fields" (Flora of China online).  "Swamps and stagnant water, occurring in dense swards. A weed of drainage channels and dams." (Waterhouse and Mitchell, 1998; pp. 81-82).

Propagation:  "Seed and rhizome fragments dispersed by water" (Waterhouse and Mitchell, 1998; pp. 81-82).

Native range:  "Tropical Asia and possibly Africa" (Waterhouse and Mitchell, 1998; pp. 81-82).


Pacific Rim
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Island group
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Malaysia (country of) native
U.S. Dept. Agr., Agr. Res. Serv. (2013)

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