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Rubus megalococcus
Focke, Rosaceae
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Present on Pacific Islands?  yes

Primarily a threat at high elevations?  no

Habit:  shrub

Description:  "Scandent shrub with arching branches to 3 m high. Stems angled, glabrous or puberulent, prickly, prickles gradually narrowed from a broad base, 3-5 mm long, curved. Stipules linear-subulate, 5-12 x 1 mm, subcoriaceous, pilose or puberulent. Petioles 60-100 mm long, glabrous to puberulent, prickly. Leaves 3-foliolate, rarely 5-foliolate; leaflets ovate-lanceolate, 4-9 (-10) x 2-5 cm, subcoriaceous, with 9-15 pairs of secondary veins, base rounded, apex acuminate, margin serrate, lower surface glabrous, upper surface glabrous, midvein sparsely pilose. Inflorescences lax panicles, 10-30 mm long, with 15-25 flowers, with usually leafy, cymose branches; pedicels 5-10 mm long, puberulent or glabrous, occasionally with stipitate glands, sparsely prickly, prickles slightly curved, 1-2 mm long. Flowers 15-17 mm diameter; sepals ovate-lanceolate, 7-10 x 3-4 mm, apex acuminate, bifid, abaxially sparsely greenish pilose, adaxially pannose; petals suborbicular, 6-8 x 5-6 mm, pink; carpels glabrous. Fruits globose, 15-25 x 15-25 mm, with reflexed sepals; drupelets 7-10 x 5-8 mm, 10-20 per receptacle, glabrous, deep purplish to black. Rubus megalococcus is recognized by its angled, glabrous or puberulent stems, ovate-lanceolate leaflets, and large drupelets" (Harling & Andersson, 1996; p. 31).

Habitat/ecology:  In the Galápagos Islands (Santa Cruz) to 300 m elevation (Soria et al., 2002; pp. 51-52). In its native range, "between 3000 and 3600 m, in bunch grass páramo or in exposed vegetation near upper montane forest" (Harling & Andersson, 1996; p. 31).

Propagation:  Seed

Native range:  Colombia to Bolivia (Harling & Andersson, 1996; p. 31).


Pacific Rim
Country/Terr./St. &
Island group
Location Cited status &
Cited as invasive &
Cited as cultivated &
Cited as aboriginal introduction?
Reference &
South America (Pacific rim)
South America (Pacific rim)
Colombia (Republic of) native
U.S. Dept. Agr., Agr. Res. Serv. (2013)
South America (Pacific rim)
South America (Pacific rim)
Perú (Republic of) native
U.S. Dept. Agr., Agr. Res. Serv. (2013)

Comments:  Being considered for an eradication program in the Galápagos Islands (Chris Buddenhagen, pers. com.).

Control:  See other Rubus species for control suggestions.

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