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Leycesteria formosa
Wallich, Caprifoliaceae
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Present on Pacific Islands?  no

Primarily a threat at high elevations?  no

Risk assessment results:  High risk, score: 18 (Go to the risk assessment)

Common name(s): [more details]

Chinese: gui chui xiao

English: Himalaya-honeysuckle, Himalayan honeysuckle, pheasant-berry

French: arbre à faison

Habit:  shrub

Description:  "Shrubs, 1-5 m tall. Branches hollow, branchlets, petioles, peduncles, bracts, and sepals adpressed pubescent and sometimes glandular hairy. Petiole 5-15 mm; leaf blade ovate to lanceolate, 4-13 x 2-6 cm, both surfaces glabrescent to sparsely adpressed pubescent, base cuneate to subcordate, margin entire to dentate, occasionally irregularly sinuate, apex acuminate to caudate. Inflorescence terminal or axillary; peduncle 6-30 mm. Whorls 1-10, each whorl composed of 2 opposite sessile, 3-flowered cymes subtended by green, purplish, or purple-red leaflike involucral bracts and bracts; involucral pair of bracts up to 2.5 cm, 4 outer bracts narrower and shorter, 8 inner bracts very small. Ovary oblong, 3-4 mm, densely glandular hairy. Calyx shortly fused at base, sometimes to half way; lobes lanceolate to linear, sometimes deltoid, 1-9 mm. Corolla white to pink, sometimes purple-red, funnelform, 1.2-1.8 cm, outside pubescent; lobes orbicular-ovate, ca. 5 mm. Stamens subequaling corolla. Ovary 5-locular; style slightly exceeding corolla, glabrous. Berry red, turning black-purple, ovoid or subglobose, with persistent calyx, 5-7 mm in diameter; seeds minute, numerous, brownish, broadly ellipsoid to oblong, slightly compressed, ca. 1 mm"  (Flora of China online).

Habitat/ecology:  In China (native), "forests, forest margins, scrub; 1100-3500 m"  (Flora of China online).  In New Zealand, "scrubland, riverbanks, lakesides, forest margins, especially common in cut-over forest"  (Webb et al., 1988; p. 465).

Propagation:  Seed

Native range:  Bhutan, China, northern India, Myanmar, Nepal, northeastern Pakistan; cultivated and naturalized elsewhere (GRIN).


Pacific Rim
Country/Terr./St. &
Island group
Location Cited status &
Cited as invasive &
Cited as cultivated &
Cited as aboriginal introduction?
Reference &
Australia (continental)
New South Wales introduced
National Herbarium of New South Wales (2013)
Cultivated, rarely naturalized in the Blue Mountains and near Khancoban.
China (People's Republic of) native
Zhengyi, Wu/Raven, Peter H./Deyuan, Hong (2013)
Forests, forest margins, scrub; 1100-3500 m. W Guizhou, W Sichuan, Xizang, Yunnan
New Zealand
New Zealand
New Zealand (country) introduced
Webb, C. J./Sykes, W. R./Garnock-Jones, P. J. (1988) (p. 465)
United States (west coast)
United States (west coast states)
USA (California) introduced
U.S. Dept. Agr., Nat. Res. Cons. Serv. (2013)

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