Plant Threats to Pacific Ecosystems

PIER species listed by scientific name beginning with the letter R

A product of the Pacific Island Ecosystems at Risk project (PIER)

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This table lists all species profiled on PIER with the genus beginning with the letter R.  An alphabetical index to all PIER species is also available. Also, the complete alphabetical of all PIER species is available, but it is a large list and may take a while to load on systems with slower internet connections.  It includes those of environmental concern (including those that are probably of threat only to islands with high elevations) as well as agricultural and ruderal weeds.  Each species is linked by its scientific name to an individual write-up containing relevant information.

Species are listed in alphabetic order.  You can browse this list or use the "find" function on your web browser to search by scientific name.

Can't find it here?  Check the list of synonyms for other names (the more common synonyms are included below) or search other lists and databases available on the Internet.

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Scientific name (+Family) Often-used other Latin names Habit Present on
Pacific Islands?
Primarily a threat
at high elevations?
Radermachera sinica   (Bignoniaceae) Stereospermum sinicum Hance tree Yes No
Ranunculus muricatus   (Ranunculaceae)   herb Yes Yes
Ranunculus parviflorus   (Ranunculaceae)   herb Yes Yes
Ranunculus repens   (Ranunculaceae)   herb Yes No
Raphanus raphanistrum   (Brassicaceae)   herb Yes No
Raphanus sativus   (Brassicaceae)   herb Yes Yes
Raphia farinifera   (Arecaceae) Raphia pedunculata P. Beauv.; Raphia ruffia (Jacq.) Mart.; Sagus farinifera Gaertn.; Sagus ruffia Jacq. tree Yes No
Rapistrum rugosum   (Brassicaceae)   herb Yes No
Rauvolfia vomitoria   (Apocynaceae)   shrub/tree Yes No
Ravenala madagascariensis   (Strelitziaceae)   tree Yes Yes
Reinhardtia gracilis   (Arecaceae) Malortiea gracilis H. Wendl. shrub Yes No
Rhaphiolepis indica   (Rosaceae) Crataegus indica L. shrub Yes No
Rhaphiolepis umbellata   (Rosaceae) Laurus umbellata Thunb.; Rhaphiolepis japonica Siebold & Zucc. shrub Yes No
Rhizophora mangle   (Rhizophoraceae)   tree Yes No
Rhododendron indicum   (Ericaceae) Azalea indica L. shrub Yes No
Rhodomyrtus tomentosa   (Myrtaceae)   shrub Yes No
Rhus taitensis   (Anacardiaceae) Melanococca taitensis (Guillemin) Young; Rhus simaroubifolia A. Gray shrub/tree Yes No
Rhynchosia minima   (Fabaceae)   herb Yes No
Rhynchospora caduca   (Cyperaceae)   herb Yes No
Richardia brasiliensis   (Rubiaceae)   herb Yes No
Richardia scabra   (Rubiaceae) Richardsonia scabra (L.) A. St.-Hil. herb Yes No
Ricinus communis   (Euphorbiaceae)   shrub Yes No
Rivina humilis   (Phytolaccaceae) Rivina laevis L. herb Yes No
Robinia pseudoacacia   (Fabaceae)   tree Yes Yes
Roldana petasitis   (Asteraceae) Cineraria petasitis Sims; Senecio petasitis (Sims) DC. shrub Yes No
Rorippa indica   (Brassicaceae)   herb Yes No
Rosa laevigata   (Rosaceae)   shrub Yes Yes
Rosa multiflora   (Rosaceae)   shrub Yes Yes
Rosenbergiodendron formosum   (Rubiaceae) Gardenia mussaenda L. f.; Mussaenda formosa Jacq.; Randia formosa (Jacq.) K. Schum.; Randia mussaenda (L. f.) DC. shrub/tree Yes No
Rotala indica   (Lythraceae) Peplis indica Willd. aquatic herb No No
Rotala rotundifolia   (Lythraceae) Ammannia rotundifolia Buch.-Ham. ex Roxb. aquatic herb No No
Rotheca myricoides   (Lamiaceae) Clerodendrum myricoides (Hochst.) Vatke; Clerodendrum ugandense Prain; Spironema myricoides Hochst. shrub Yes No
Rotheca serrata   (Lamiaceae) Clerodendrum serratum (L.) Moon; Volkameria serrata L. shrub Yes No
Rottboellia cochinchinensis   (Poaceae) Rottboellia exaltata L. f. grass Yes No
Roystonea oleracea   (Arecaceae) Areca oleracea Jacq.; Roystonea venezuelana L.H. Bailey tree Yes No
Roystonea regia   (Arecaceae) Euterpe ventricosa C. H. Wright; Oreodoxa regia Kunth; Palma elata W. Bartram; Roystonea elata (W. Bartram) F. Harper; Roystonea floridana O. F. Cook tree Yes No
Rubus 'Marion'   (Rosaceae)   shrub No No
Rubus 'Natchez'   (Rosaceae)   shrub No No
Rubus 'Triple Crown'   (Rosaceae)   shrub No No
Rubus adenotrichos   (Rosaceae)   shrub Yes No
Rubus alceifolius   (Rosaceae)   shrub No No
Rubus argutus   (Rosaceae) Rubus penetrans L. H. Bailey shrub Yes No
Rubus discolor   (Rosaceae) Rubus armeniacus Focke shrub Yes No
Rubus ellipticus   (Rosaceae)   shrub Yes Yes
Rubus glaucus   (Rosaceae)   shrub Yes Yes
Rubus loganobaccus   (Rosaceae) Rubus ursinus var. loganobaccus (L. H. Bailey) L. H. Bailey shrub Yes No
Rubus megalococcus   (Rosaceae)   shrub Yes No
Rubus moluccanus   (Rosaceae)   shrub Yes No
Rubus niveus   (Rosaceae)   shrub Yes No
Rubus rosifolius   (Rosaceae)   shrub Yes No
Rubus sieboldii   (Rosaceae)   shrub Yes No
Rubus ulmifolius   (Rosaceae)   shrub Yes No
Ruellia blechum   (Acanthaceae) Barleria pyramidata Lam.; Blechum brownei Juss.; Blechum pyramidatum (Lam.) Urb. herb Yes No
Ruellia brevifolia   (Acanthaceae) Ruellia graecizans Backer; Stephanophysum longifolium Pohl herb Yes No
Ruellia brittoniana   (Acanthaceae) Ruellia coerulea Morong; Ruellia malacosperma Greenm.; Ruellia simplex C. Wright; Ruellia spectabilis Britton; Ruellia tweedieana Griseb. herb Yes No
Ruellia devosiana   (Acanthaceae)   herb Yes No
Ruellia prostrata   (Acanthaceae) Dipteracanthus prostrata (Poir.) Nees herb Yes No
Ruellia squarrosa   (Acanthaceae) Dipteracanthus squarrosus Fenzl shrub Yes No
Ruellia tuberosa   (Acanthaceae)   herb Yes No
Rugoloa polygonata   (Poaceae)   grass Yes No
Rumex acetosella   (Polygonaceae) Acetosella vulgaris Fourr. herb Yes Yes
Rumex brownii   (Polygonaceae)   herb Yes No
Rumex conglomeratus   (Polygonaceae) Rumex foliosus Rech. f. herb Yes No
Rumex crispus   (Polygonaceae)   herb Yes No
Rumex obtusifolius   (Polygonaceae)   herb Yes No
Rumex pulcher   (Polygonaceae)   herb Yes No
Russelia equisetiformis   (Plantaginaceae)   shrub Yes No
Ruta chalepensis   (Rutaceae) Ruta bracteosa DC.; Ruta chalepensis var. bracteosa (DC.) Boiss. herb Yes No
Ruttya fruticosa   (Acanthaceae)   shrub Yes No

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