Plant Threats to Pacific Ecosystems

PIER species listed by scientific name beginning with the letter O

A product of the Pacific Island Ecosystems at Risk project (PIER)

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This table lists all species profiled on PIER with the genus beginning with the letter O.  An alphabetical index to all PIER species is also available. Also, the complete alphabetical of all PIER species is available, but it is a large list and may take a while to load on systems with slower internet connections.  It includes those of environmental concern (including those that are probably of threat only to islands with high elevations) as well as agricultural and ruderal weeds.  Each species is linked by its scientific name to an individual write-up containing relevant information.

Species are listed in alphabetic order.  You can browse this list or use the "find" function on your web browser to search by scientific name.

Can't find it here?  Check the list of synonyms for other names (the more common synonyms are included below) or search other lists and databases available on the Internet.

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Scientific name (+Family) Often-used other Latin names Habit Present on
Pacific Islands?
Primarily a threat
at high elevations?
Oceaniopteris gibba   (Blechnaceae) Blechnum gibbum (Labill.) Mett.; Lomaria gibba Labill. fern Yes No
Ochna integerrima   (Ochnaceae) Elaeocarpus integerrimus Lour. shrub/tree No No
Ochna kirkii   (Ochnaceae)   shrub/tree Yes No
Ochna serrulata   (Ochnaceae)   shrub Yes No
Ochna thomasiana   (Ochnaceae)   shrub Yes No
Ochroma pyramidale   (Malvaceae) Ochroma lagopus Sw. tree Yes No
Ochrosia elliptica   (Apocynaceae)   tree Yes No
Ocimum basilicum   (Lamiaceae)   herb Yes No
Ocimum gratissimum   (Lamiaceae)   herb Yes No
Odontonema cuspidatum   (Acanthaceae) Odontonema strictum hort.; Thyrsacanthus cuspidatus Nees shrub Yes No
Odontonema tubaeforme   (Acanthaceae) Justicia coccinea hort.; Justicia tubaeformis Bertol.; Odontonema strictum (Nees) O. Kuntze; Odontonema tubiforme (Bertol.) Kuntze; Thyrsacanthus strictus Nees shrub Yes No
Oenocarpus bataua   (Arecaceae) Jessenia bataua (Mart.) Burret; Jessenia oligocarpa Griseb. & H. Wendl.; Jessenia polycarpa H. Karst.; Oenocarpus oligocarpus (Griseb. & H. Wendl.) Wess. Boer tree No No
Oenothera laciniata   (Onagraceae)   herb Yes No
Oenothera picensis   (Onagraceae)   herb Yes Yes
Oenothera rosea   (Onagraceae)   herb Yes Yes
Oenothera stricta subsp. stricta   (Onagraceae) Oenothera striata Link herb Yes Yes
Oldenlandia corymbosa   (Rubiaceae) Hedyotis corymbosa (L.) Lam. herb Yes No
Oldenlandia pumila   (Rubiaceae) Hedyotis pumila L. f. herb Yes No
Olea europaea   (Oleaceae)   tree Yes No
Olyra latifolia   (Poaceae) Olyra paniculata Sw. grass No No
Oncosperma tigillarium   (Arecaceae) Areca tigillaria Jack; Euterpe filamentosa Kunth; Oncosperma filamentosum (Kunth) Blume tree Yes No
Operculina ventricosa   (Convolvulaceae) Operculina turpethum (L.) Silva Manso var. ventricosa (Bertero) Austin & Staples vine Yes No
Oplismenus burmannii   (Poaceae)   grass Yes No
Oplismenus compositus   (Poaceae) Panicum compositum L. grass Yes No
Oplismenus hirtellus   (Poaceae) Oplismenus hirtellus subsp. setarius (Lam.) Mez ex Ekman; Oplismenus setarius (Lam.) Roem. & Schult. grass Yes No
Opuntia dillenii   (Cactaceae)   cactus Yes No
Opuntia ficus-indica   (Cactaceae) Cactus ficus-indica L.; Opuntia gymnocarpa F. A. C. Weber; Opuntia maxima Mill. cactus Yes No
Opuntia fulgida   (Cactaceae) Cylindropuntia fulgida (Engelm.) F. M. Knuth cactus No No
Opuntia monacantha   (Cactaceae) Opuntia vulgaris auct. mult. cactus Yes No
Opuntia stricta   (Cactaceae)   cactus Yes No
Origanum majorana   (Lamiaceae) Majorana hortensis Moench; Majorana majorana (L.) H. Karst. herb Yes No
Ormosia monosperma   (Fabaceae) Ormosia dasycarpa A. B. Jacks.; Sophora monosperma Sw. tree Yes No
Oroxylum indicum   (Bignoniaceae) Arthrophyllum ceylanicum Miq.; Arthrophyllum reticulatum Blume ex Miq.; Bignonia indica L.; Bignonia lugubris Salisb.; Bignonia pentandra Lour.; Bignonia quadripinnata Blanco; Bignonia tripinnata Noronha; Bignonia tuberculata Roxb. ex DC.; Calosanthes indica (L.) Blume; Hippoxylon indica (L.) Raf.; Oroxylum flavum Rehder; Spathodea indica (L.) Pers. tree Yes No
Orthosiphon aristatus   (Lamiaceae) Clerodendranthus spicatus (Thunb.) C. Y. Wu ex H. W. Li; Clerodendrum spicatum Thunb.; Ocimum aristatum Blume; Orthosiphon stamineus Benth. herb Yes No
Osmoxylon lineare   (Araliaceae) Boerlagiodendron lineare Merr. shrub Yes No
Ossaea marginata   (Melastomataceae) Clidemia marginata (Desr.) DC.; Melastoma marginata Desr.; Pentossaea marginata (Desr.) Judd shrub No No
Ottelia alismoides   (Hydrocharitaceae) Stratiotes alismoides L. aquatic herb No No
Ottelia ovalifolia   (Hydrocharitaceae) Damasonium ovalifolium R. Br. aquatic herb Yes No
Ottochloa nodosa   (Poaceae) Panicum nodosum Kunth grass No No
Oxalis barrelieri   (Oxalidaceae) Oxalis bahiensis sensu auct. Micr. non Prog. herb Yes No
Oxalis corniculata   (Oxalidaceae) Oxalis repens Thunb. herb Yes No
Oxalis debilis   (Oxalidaceae) Oxalis corymbosa DC. herb Yes No
Oxalis latifolia   (Oxalidaceae) Ionoxalis vallicola Rose; Oxalis vallicola (Rose) R. Knuth herb Yes No
Oxalis micrantha   (Oxalidaceae)   herb Yes No
Oxalis pes-caprae   (Oxalidaceae) Oxalis cernua Thunb. herb Yes No
Oxalis purpurea   (Oxalidaceae)   herb Yes Yes
Oxybasis glauca   (Chenopodiaceae) Chenopodium glaucum L. herb Yes No
Oxyspora paniculata   (Melastomataceae)   shrub Yes No

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