1997 Hawaiian Natural Resources Monitoring Database Administrators' Workshop: Hands-on examples

A product of the Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk (HEAR) Project
University of Hawaii Department of Botany/CPSU (webmaster@hear.org)
Room 409 St. John Building, 3190 Maile Way, Honolulu, HI 96822

Stuff that Coleen's gonna write up

work-through examples:

-simple report from single table (TAXONCOD; Taxoncode & Genus & sp/etc.) (then, sort by gen/sp./etc. using the record band in the report; filter on Genus)

-banded report from single table (TAXA: Gen & Sp./etc., band by origin; then also band by fedstat; then filter only endangered; CLEAR filter; SAVE report)

-banded report from single-table query (selection only) (create query on TAXA [check gen/sp/etc; fedstat; origin]: query on T & E fedstat only; run query; DELETE answer table; close & save query; run previous report based on new query)

-banded report from linked query (TAXONCOD:In-house taxon name, select only Maui from TAXA table; band by GENUS:Family; THEN - delete everything from the RECORD/detail band to show a summary report by family [list only families]; then… move Family from header to footer of Family band, and add RECORD COUNT in footer)

-PT: discuss/demo EXTRACT

-simple graph from single table (from an EXTRACTed table, e.g. PI95; Coleen: send me a copy of the table you create! I'll distribute this… )

-more involved graph from query with selection criteria

-more involved graph from linked query with selection criteria

-complex graph from multi-tiered query set

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